"Bent out of shape? Lets face it. Unscheduled down time always occurs at the most inconvenient time; when things couldn't get any more stressful, and when deadlines couldn't get any more demanding. At Blue and Gold, we offer the most convenient and efficient service to you and your company to make your experience getting back on the road as pleasant as possible."

At Blue and Gold we offer any and all types of welding. Our skilled staff with well over 80 years of experience will provide you with the highest quality professional welds.

Whether it's something you have in mind, or a part that can only be custom made for your business needs, our trained and experienced staff can fabricate it here at Blue and Gold using our state of the art equipment.

We have a certified CDL driver on staff to offer pick-up and delivery service to our clients. Blue and Gold would like to make your repair service as trouble free as possible.





What We Offer:

  • Complete Trailer Repair
  • Total Trailer Overhaul
  • PM/FHWA Approved Inspection
  • All Types of Welding and Fabricating
  • Custom Fabrication Work
  • We Service All Makes & Models of Trailers, Trucks & Lift Gates
  • Mobile Repairs On-Site
  • Install/Repair All Types of Rails & Lifts
  • Pick Up and Delivery Service.
  • CDL Driver on Staff

Convenient Location

Blue and Gold Truck & Trailer Repair Inc.
444 Hillside Avenue
Hillside NJ, 07205